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Catania is situated between the Ionian Sea and Mount Etna, Europe's greatest active volcano. As well as ruins from the ancient city, the town has a lot of fine Baroque architecture.
Piazza del Duomo is Catania's principal square, at the end of busy Via Etne (named for the volcano), and most of the town's tourist attractions are close by. In the center is a much photographed eighteenth century lava statue of an elephant, supporting an Egyptian obelisk. The Duomo itself is one of Catania's popular locations

Sicily Catania Railway Station Car RentalSicily is a breathtakingly beautiful island which is part of Italy and located on the Straits of Messina. Invaded and ruled by a host of foreign powers such as the English, the French, the Russians, the Arabs and now, under Italy, Sicily is the archetypical cultural potpourri. With a plethora of attractions waiting for you to explore, opting for car rental will only make your holiday more comfortable and delightful.

Sicily, with its long and untouched coastline features wonderful beaches with shallow waters ideal for swimming and deeper trenches which are great for surfing and deep sea diving. Certain notable beaches in Sicily include the Mondello Lido, the Giardini Nexas, the Mortelle and the Marina di Ragusa with their water sport attractions and spectacular settings.

Sicily is endowed with numerous mountains as well as an extinct volcano – Mount Etna – to make trekking and trailing ideal pursuits in this region. The mountains are divided into forests and are protected areas; the sanctuaries and National parks; and the Natural Reserves. You can trek in the forest and the reserves, whereas National Parks usually offer you safari rides. With car hire services at your disposal, you can move around the mountains with ease.

A splendid marvel in downtown Sicily, the Basilica of St. Giorgio is worth a visit. Built in the traditional Sicilian design and with ornate themes around the 17th century, this church is a work of fine art with its murals, ambience and overall gaudy motif. There are many other churches in Sicily and they can all be toured with using Sicily car rental services.

Located on a tiny hillock and overhanging from a cliff, the Castle of Lombardia is a fine example of Hispanic and Latin art. On clear and sunny days, the view from the top tower of the castle can keep you enthralled for a long time. Trekking to the castle and back is a popular leisure activity and the parks adjacent to the monument are excellent picnic spots as well.

The Centro Storico is a wonderful neighbourhood in Sicily with many houses and buildings constructed with the lava deposits from the volcanic ash. Featuring a University, a castle and a museum in its vicinity, the Centro Storico is also a famous shopping and fine dining haven in Sicily.

Sicily has many more marvels across the island. Car rental is the perfect option for couples and families who want to spend their time exploring in style.

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Car rental tips for Sicily Catania Railway Station

Traffic fines

Be advised that car rental companies block a certain amount on your credit card to cover any unforeseen fee’s like traffic fines or toll fee’s.

Shuttle service

If a car rental company is Off Airport the supplier will provide a free of charge shuttle bus to the local rental office.


When traveling to Catania we advise to carry some Euros to avoid any unwanted surprises. At many airports there are Money Exchange offices in order to change your local currency.

Time zone

The local time code for Sicily is CEST.


When traveling to Sicily make sure to check the local weather conditions in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises.


Sicily has approximately 5,077,487 inhabitants.


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